This section of the website will be used to add Taekwondo specific drills that can be practised in your own time, at your club, in a gym or even at home. Some will not require any equipment at all, others are tailored around specific pieces of equipment. This is so if you want to do a training session in your own time, you can come to this page, select a training session and follow my drills so that your session is sparring specific and you get the most out of the piece of equipment that you have on hand.

These drills will help you with your leg control, conditioning, clinch work, technique, flexibility and footwork, all specific to todays fighting style.

If there’s anything specific that you want, or a piece of equipment that you have and would like some drills for, please let me know in the comments at the bottom of this page. Also make sure you let me know how you went and if you enjoyed the training sessions that we have on here in the comments of the specific sessions.

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